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FlippingBook Publisher is a tool that will allow you to edit digital books from PDF documents so that you can view them in a format similar to that of a physical book.

With this application you can create original and attractive publications that will stand out among traditional documents.

The corporate version of FlippingBook Publisher has support to integrate various protection elements with your publications to avoid unauthorized access to your content.

All you need to do to produce your digital books is import your files (PDF, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) to FlippingBook Publisher and choose how you'd like to personalize your creation through different backgrounds, colors, and themes. Once you're done, you can share your finished product through social networks.

You can also share your creation through Publ.com, an integrated service to which you'll have direct and instant access from the FlippingBook menu. Each FlippingBook account includes 200MB of storage space in the cloud.

Another feature to keep in mind is the ability to distribute your publications offline, as you can create an .exe file which can then be burned onto a CD, DVD, or flash drive and enjoyed even without an Internet connection.

Trial version:
- Can import a maximum of 10 pages.
- Adds watermarks to your publicationsñ
- Pulb.com available for 30 days.

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